Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Open a Craft Store Free

The handmade crafts business whether full time or part time, is growing. The need to start a craft business can be due to job loss from staff down sizing, business closures, poor economy, etc. So the artist will need to find a outlet to generate sales for their various projects.

A big problem that many find upon starting a craft business at home, is to realize that more monies may be required for various costs. These may be for hosting a domain, inclusion in a high ranking directory, advertising, to name a few. It makes one wonder how on Earth does one sell successfully online?

I will assume that a business plan has been done. You have the what, where, why, when and how of your craft business on hand. Now, I will share a few sites with you to consider that will help further the reality of your own online store. They are FREE with limits but have the option to upgrade for more services PLUS a few also listed that are low cost. They are as follows ;

 - Shophandmade , requires HANDMADE items, Paypal account, single or group use, no Fee’s
Handmadeartistsshop, $50/yr subscription or $5/month, handmade items only, require Paypal
Yardsellr, Paypal required, small fee deducted upon sale
Ecrater , Google checkout partner, free store
GLC Mall, free basic store, $12/month upgrade option
Webstore, free store with limit or auction, many payment options
iCraft, $25.00 one time sign up fee, Free store with limit, $5 - $15/month upgrade option

A majority of these sites require HANDMADE products only. They will not accept mass produced commercial items which I think is great, since it’s our crafts that we would like to get noticed and have appreciative buyers. There may be advertising on your store which gets removed upon upgrading. Now, who would really mind the advertising when the chance to remove it, is just around the corner when you’re making regular sales?

One other factor to take into consideration is that these sites have good page ranks. This means that they get traffic whether it be genuine prospective buyers, wholesalers or the curious, your store will get noticed. One last tip to share is this - list your store in business directories for your area and related niche market. They also have good page ranks which may in turn, boost your own site.

I know there are many more sites out there and may have missed some, maybe you can leave a suggestion in the comments row. For now, I wish you the best in starting your own store. :)

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