Saturday, February 16, 2013

Designing for More Space!

The world of sewing whether for clothing, accessories or quilts and even the arts and crafts world does require that we have a fantastic work surface. Some of us are fortunate and don't mind plopping ourselves onto the floor though ensuring we don't lose our 'tools of the trade' amidst the mess we make, may become somewhat problematic.

A search around the web and we will find many idea's for creating our own DIY tables and desks. Most consist of using existing pieces of furniture and attaching a piece of plywood, counter top or a door as the work surface We can shop around at garage sales to pick up pieces of furniture or visit a nearby store. Some pieces of furniture that's popular to use are cubby hole shelves, 3 shelf units, small office machine stands or small 3 drawer dressers. These work great for adding extra storage and keeping our supplies near at hand.

The use of plywood can be easily cut to size, to fit across the width of which ever piece of furniture you choose as a base. Other idea's include buying a collapsible buffet table, the ones where the legs will fold or another popular idea, the ping pong table. One can even pick up parts to make their own version of a collapsible table with buying the 'legs' and a piano hinge. We can have fun with 're-covering' the surface of a plywood board with a layer or two of batting and fabric or vinyl covering. A few people have converted a closet or armoire into a compact 'sewing' corner. We just have to make sure they are sturdy.

Storage and organization of our supplies is important. It helps us with sticking to the task at hand, working on finishing our project. A few extra idea's are as follows:

  • curtain rod with S hooks to hang a container
  • decorative plant hangers
  • pant hangers
  • make a wall hanging with pockets
  • hanging shoe/closet organizer
  • magazine holders as brackets to hold a shelf
  • toilet paper/paper towel bar

The idea's for storage are endless for the four walls and ceiling in our 'work' room. Take a look around and check for area's you can create extra storage space or to enlarge your floor area. Go online and explore the many idea's available to us which we may be able to apply or modify to our own needs. It's an area that can be quite fun, decorating our sewing/craft/work room.

I am a fan of Peter Fallico and watched his 'Home to Go' series whenever possible. One idea he presented was using five doors and attaching them to make a unique little 'office' area which we can morph into our own little 'work' corner. Refer to my 'rough' (very rough!) drawing of how he had put it together using hinges. It was designed to be portable and functional. One can add all sorts of storage design idea's to the available space around it.  

One last item I recommend that I noticed one day receiving a visitor. I had nowhere for my guest to sit and she was forced to stand! How rude of me! I would suggest maybe adding one of those little ottomans with 'storage' space or a comfy bench (with storage) in your 'work' room for such situations as they may arise unexpectedly. It's always nice to share 'shop talk' with others.

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