Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sewn with Care

A few research studies have shown, that doing acts of kindness towards others, benefits both recipient and the giver. It improves their over all emotional and social well being. If we take a closer look at our circle of best friends, we may just find that we all give and take from each other. We may also find ourselves measuring others, by their ability to give and take to their fellow man. A successful marriage may very well provide clues to this very act, as quite the bond between the couple. It is a quality that we find within ourselves and may unconsciously, seek out in others.

Today's world has thrown many natural disasters at us, and many people stepped up, to help those in need. Unfortunately, we have no control over the weather and according to the latest news reports, it's going to be the 'new normal'. The prospect of future 'super' storms does not excite me nor instill any real sense of security in our world. It is something that many of us will have to learn to prepare and survive these unforseeable events. Yet, again, we will also find others who will step up to reach out and help. It is definitely one of Mankind's top qualities.

Next to strange weather systems we have all the too common various illnesses, that afflict our children and where again, we find people performing acts of kindness. We have web sites that are dedicated to teaching and inviting others how they too, can give, provide and show their support. This can be learning to sew clothing items, blankets and toys next to offering financial donations. We will find people from one side of the world, reaching out and helping a child, on the other side of the world. Can you imagine the feelings this stirs for the child?

Other areas, where we will find acts of kindness performed daily, will be in other social areas. We will find women in shelters escaping domestic violence or homelessness, youth shelters providing help for runaways, shelters for homeless men, homes for the mentally challenged, our homeless pets, and importantly, helping our military personnel, at their own times of need. Thankfully, the internet has opened the information highway for us to find them, and them, to find us, who will be quite happy to give our support.

A person with sewing skills, no matter their level of experience, is one of the many types of supporters that can be found often requested. They are sought out, for their ability to piece together different items such as clothing, toys or blankets. If you take a look at a sewing guild online, you may find certain times of the year, announcements are posted, about a sewing project needed for a charity they support.

The strength in numbers, as can be found in a guild, can prove invaluable for charities and pooling their work together, brings in the extra number of projects. These announcements can also usually be seen in sewing forums or reference to a charity included in photo's. These projects may not look grand or unique and be simple, to the trained eye but that's not the point. It's the smile that lights up on the face of the recipient of these projects, that makes the time spent by the charity and unknown seamstress, that gives back that sense of great satisfaction. If you're part of guild, ask if they'd be interested in supporting a worthy charity, at your next meeting.

Charities can be found in great numbers online and in many different areas of interest. It is critical to ensure you examine their privacy polices and check out their ratings. A few sites are available which are dedicated to ensuring that the public, is NOT abused. For the seamstress, if you use 'sewing for charity' in Google, you will also find many available sites to choose. Ensure you research each one and your own available time, that you're able to dedicate, for project requests.

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