Crazy Quilt Art World is a online store offering fiber art- Crazy quilt, products for home decor.  Located in NW Ontario, Canada near the US/Canada border. 

All products are created with longevity and simple maintenance in mind. Colors are chosen to complement yet contrast to capture and create, an interesting and visual appeal.

Gin Gardner, is the artist creating these products. She has a love affair with embroidery and embellishments, which she also applies to her own clothes. Gin enjoys archery, board games, hiking, outdoor photography, movies, dancing, music of all genres including opera. 

Gin is a graduate in Nursing, Business management and Alternative Energy.  She believes that we should always be on the quest for knowledge and learn something new. It helps us to grow and opportunities abound, to share that which we learn.

Customers are invited to visit Crazy Quilt Art World regularly, since new items are added, as they are completed. New projects are also made available, for viewing in the galleries.

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