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Friday, February 28, 2014

Crazy Quilt Gatherings

The world of crazy quilting is fun and a fantastic outlet, for allowing freedom of expression and creativity. As we know, creativity refers to the ability to 'make something that has not existed before' through intelligence and skill. Quite a few of our world's wonders, small or large, can be credited to collective works, of a team behind the scenes. Why not round up a circle of friends, to create a crazy quilt?

A few quilt block swap activities can be found and seen online. We can also start up our own quilt block swap or donation, by sending an invitation to our friends and family. An invitation to create and contribute one or two crazy quilt blocks, for the assembly of a full quilt. After all, contributions from a collective can prove to 'speed' up the completion of a crazy quilt project.

Immense pleasure can be found working alone on a crazy quilt project, indeed, but, maybe there's a special occasion coming up. Gifting with a crazy quilt, by a group of friends, could prove an interesting surprise. Use of teamwork in personal or professional settings, has proven to provide benefits on quick completion of a project. In following this example, a group could have a full size crazy quilt as a gift in a short time.

The idea of creating your own quilting circle, can be quite useful towards providing a handcrafted one-of-a-kind gift, for any special occasion, civic or alternative holiday. Who says we can't start our own tradition for a holiday? Suggestions for new traditions is always an option for friends and family. A visit to your local library and research into non-traditional holiday alamanac's, may prove to be a fun group activity.

Setting up your own crazy quilt circle could also be useful for fundraising activities. A beautiful crazy quilt, can be quite an attractive and popular item for auction. Donating the quilt to a charity or non-profit, to raffle or auction off, can be a rewarding experience. Raising awareness of your skill may draw attention and too many requests, so thoughtful and shrewd consideration may be required, so not to be taken advantage or over worked.

The design of your crazy quilt can be a group decision. Share and exchange ideas for, choice of colors, design ideas, size, length, number of blocks per person, purpose of creating the quilt. Let the event, holiday or tradition be your guide to follow, but let everybody's personal creativity flow, for each quilt block. Once the blocks are brought together, layout of the blocks can also be a group decision or left to one, to produce the finished quilt. Once complete, it will be a surprise for the whole group.

Gathering a small circle of friends, into an informal quilting circle, can be a great activity for producing a crazy quilt. A step further may include setting up a Crazy quilt guild which is a somewhat more formalized group. This could be set up as a non-profit organization with memberships. Cash donations may be gathered for hosting classes, advertising, galleries, raffles, educational resources, and their own shows.

A quilting circle can be a formal or informal group but the goal of enjoying the creation of quilts remains true. Discussing a long term vision of your existing group would be best to explore the possibility and next step of action to consider. For now, enjoy your immediate quilting circle and have fun with your project.

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